About Z Momo

Z Momo has been set up by Adam’s Management Services Private Limited, which is a noted company in the field of Payroll Management and Outsourcing Support Services in Kolkata. After the success in the above field of business for more than a decade, the Company has decided on the diversification of business and venture into the food manufacturing sector. Since, we have been dealing with the corporates, our approach to the business is having a professional outlook and we know best how to meet customer satisfaction.

Momos are healthy snacks and the popularity of these has risen in the recent years. There are numerous momo selling shops that have mushroomed all over the city. But, nearly all of them are prepared manually and proper hygiene is not maintained.

Being delicious food items, people consume them in large numbers but are always prone to the risk of taking unhygienic and low grade ingredients. On the contrary, we are committed to produce and present the best quality momos in a mechanized way.

We have a centralized kitchen where the momo gets prepared and are distributed to the different outlets. There is no chance of quality faltering as direct human touch is not necessary at all during the process of momo preparation. All the products are made through machines that have been imported. This ensures that there is uniformity in the sizes of the products and their ingredients. Though our company is a young one, we have taken up the challenge and have already established quite a few outlets in the city of Kolkata and around.

Z Momo has already captured the mind of food lovers. We are aware of the taste of the people of Bengal. Keeping this in mind, we have already made our current products. We are always trying to innovate and bring out something new that would be suited to the taste buds of the people in Bengal. We have the aim of opening further outlets in the city and even spread beyond the boundary of our state. The Z Momo brand is making waves among the youngsters and we would like to carry it on further.

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